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A home inspection is a service many people retain to obtain the structural and mechanical condition of the property they are about to purchase before they buy a home.  While many states require an individual to obtain a license prior to performing a home inspection that does not necessarily mean that all home inspectors have the same background, experience, professionalism, care, and general knowledge of building a home and how to inspect a home.


Do you know that a person can have no prior construction or home inspection experience of any kind and only needs to take a 32 hour (4 day) class in order to be allowed to take one of the Carolina State Home Inspectors Exam?  If the person passes the test they get a home inspectors license and never has to take a single hour of continuing education classes to keep the license.  Most of these classes are only geared to teach a person to pass the exam, not on how to perform inspections (many of the instructors let you take the class again free if you do not pass).  If you sat in a class room for 32 hours and studied how to pass a multiple choice question test, do you think it would be difficult to pass the test?  More importantly do you think you would come out of the 32 hour class with the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to inspect your own home?


This opens the door to anyone who may be looking for a few extra bucks, recently unemployed, can not hold a job, etc. to enter the home inspection profession.  It also means that you may get a home inspector that is a new, untrained, part-time home inspector that is learning the business while inspecting the home you are about to buy (most likely the most expensive investment you’ve ever made).  Do you want someone who has only performed a handful of inspections, no construction experience, a part time inspector, or been licensed for a short period of time to inspect your new home?


If you are not careful it is very easy to end up with someone that is new to the profession.  Almost half of the home inspection licenses in the Carolinas have been issued in the last 2 years. 


If you are asking yourself why inspector’s rates may vary widely this is one of the reasons.  Many new inspectors rely on price to get business; part time inspectors who are looking for a few extra bucks would rather inspect your house in the evening or on the weekend because they work other jobs during the day.  Some inspectors invest in little more than a screw driver and flashlight so their costs are cheap.  Some spend thousands of dollars on tools, equipment, on going education, insurance, etc.

Saving $50.00 to $100.00 dollars on a home inspection could leave you with repairs totaling thousands of dollars that may have been caught by a more experienced, professional, well trained, caring home inspector. 


Paul King began working in the construction industry in his high school days (early 1980’s).  I am a full time licensed home inspector in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  I take time inspecting every home and limit myself to 2 inspections per day.  I write my reports in the evening and do not give you a simple few page checklist at the conclusion of the inspection that you can not read and understand, view some sample inspection reports at   When you factor travel time, inspection time, report writing time,  consultation before/during/and after the inspection with you and your Realtor my average inspection lasts approximately 6 hours.  I am a North Carolina Commercial and Residential General Contractor.  I am a member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), President of PAHI (Piedmont Association of Home Inspectors), ESA Certified Mold Inspector, IAQA Certified Indoor Environmentalist, NEHA Certified Radon Measurement Provider.  I am not saying that I am perfect, can see through walls, or predict the future, but when you hire me I can promise you that your home will be inspected by an experienced, full time, professional, home inspector that is dedicated to you and your best interests. 

Read some of client testimonials at these are actual emails and letters clients have sent me. 

When a Realtor or other industry insider buys a home for their self they are going to hire the best inspector they can find and they know who those inspectors are, look at some of the Realtors that have hired me at   


I do not perform inspections in the evening; that is not fair to you because I can not see in the dark.  I do not perform inspections on the weekends; I like to spend some time with my family.  I am not the cheapest inspector in the area, nor am I he most expensive.  I have earned a reputation as one of the best, most thorough, professional, detail oriented, and caring inspectors in the area.  If that is the type of inspector you are looking for I would love to be of service to you.

Call: Paul King

704-467-7328 (INSPECT)

1820 Sunnyside Ave. Charlotte, NC 28204

& 201 Tom Hall St. #236 Fort Mill, SC 29715


Professional, detailed, thorough home inspections in Charlotte, Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Weddington, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Waxhaw, Monroe, and Marvin, North Carolina as well as Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Lake Wylie, Indian Land, York, Clover, and Lancaster, South Carolina.

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